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Living in Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard 🐚 Why You’ll LOVE Living in the Downtown Martha’s Vineyard Area

Living in Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard 🐚 | Why You’ll LOVE Living in the Downtown Martha’s Vineyard Area

Last Updated on: 26th December 2023, 12:30 pm

Edgartown is more than a summer destination! The Wampanoag people lived in the area of Edgartown for thousands of years before English colonists arrived in 1642. Initially called Great Harbor, Edgartown was incorporated as a town in 1671 and renamed after Edgar Stuart, the Duke of Cambridge.

Edgartown boomed in the 1800s, becoming a major port for the whaling and shipping industries. These industries declined in the 1900s, but the community reinvented itself as a hub for summer tourists. It is best known today for its top beaches and beautiful lighthouses.

But Edgartown is also a nice place to live, with delicious restaurants, quaint neighborhoods, and luxury homes for sale. Moving to Edgartown is perfect for singles and families alike. Yet, you should learn a little about the community before heading out there. Here’s your handy guide on living in Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard.

Where Is Edgartown?

Edgartown, MA is in Dukes County. The town takes up the southeastern quarter of Martha’s Vineyard, including Chappaquiddick Island. It is a port community with miles of coastline, and most homes, stores, and attractions have waterfront views. Western Edgartown is more undeveloped, with protected state forests and nature preserves.

Edgartown Massachusetts borders Oak Bluffs, West Tisbury, and Tisbury MA; it is 6.4 miles from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown. The Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA) provides bus services for all Martha’s Vineyard towns, and several Martha’s Vineyard bus routes connect Edgartown to the other three communities. You can use the VTA map and schedule to see where stops are and when buses run.

If you need to travel to Cape Cod, you can take a Falmouth to Martha’s Vineyard ferry. A few different companies run a Falmouth ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, including the Steamship Authority. An Edgartown ferry trip to Falmouth from the Steamship Authority takes roughly 45 minutes.

Edgartown Population and Demographics

The population of Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard was 5,168 in 2020; the population grew by 27.1% between 2010 and 2020. Cape Cod and the Islands have a reputation for being popular amongst seniors, but only 18.9% of the Edgartown population is 65 years and over. 16.5% of the Edgartown population is under the age of 18, so you can find Edgartown a family-friendly community. The Edgartown Massachusetts population density is 192.7 people per square mile.

Notable people from Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard include Patricia Neal, Ruth Gordon, and Whitney Blake. Edgartown Massachusetts demographics include:

  • 52.3% female, 47.7% male
  • Median age: 50.2
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 82.3% White (82.0% non-Hispanic), 6.6% Black or African American alone, 6.6% two or more races, 2.9% Hispanic or Latino, 1.2% American Indian and Alaska Native alone, 0.5% Asian alone
  • Median household income: $73,849 (roughly 80% of the state median)
  • Educational attainment: 93.7% of residents older than 25 have graduated high school, 37.4% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 17.2%

Edgartown is a diverse community. Hundreds of people of Portuguese descent live in Edgartown, and Portuguese is considered to be the second language of Martha’s Vineyard. The town is also well known for being LGBTQ-friendly, with LGBTQIA+ weddings happening throughout the year.

Here are the latest FBI crime statistics for Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard:

  • Total crime rate: 2,126 offenses per 100,000 people (56.1% higher than the Massachusetts rate, 9.4% lower than the national rate)
  • Violent crime rate: 754 offenses per 100,000 residents (144.2% higher than the state, 94.4% higher than the country)
  • Property crime rate: 1,372 crimes per 100,000 people (30.3% higher than the state, 29.9% lower than the country)

While Edgartown has high crime rates overall, there are many safe places to live in the town. The Edgartown Police Department employs 19 officers who regularly patrol the streets and respond to emergencies.

Cost of Living in Edgartown

It can be hard to find statistics for the cost of living in Edgartown Massachusetts, so you can use figures for nearby communities to make an estimate. The Boston cost of living index is 153.2; the price of items in the Boston area is 53.2% higher than the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $117,524 a year to cover the cost of living in Dukes County and Edgartown. While the cost of living in Edgartown can be high, you can find high-paying jobs to cover all your expenses.

Edgartown real estate is also pricey. According to Redfin, the median price of Edgartown homes for sale is $4.4 million, with a price per square foot of $2,040. The average cost of Edgartown MA apartments is $3,100 a month.

Typical Edgartown* Living Expenses

  • 1 pound of white rice: $2.30
  • 1 pound of chicken filets: $3.83
  • 1 pound of apples: $1.96
  • 1 gallon of gasoline: $3.49
  • Average Edgartown* utilities per month: $191.87
  • 1 pair of jeans: $53.75

Source: Numbeo
*Expenses actually for Martha’s Vineyard

Edgartown Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Edgartown

Martha’s Vineyard Edgartown does not have formal neighborhoods, but you can break the town up into informal communities to make searching for Edgartown MA real estate easier. Here are the best places to live in Edgartown.

Downtown Edgartown | Hub for Attractions and Quaint Homes for Sale in Edgartown

Downtown Edgartown (also known as Downtown Martha’s Vineyard) is the area surrounding Edgartown Marina and containing Main Street. Downtown Martha’s Vineyard has many notable Edgartown attractions, including the Edgartown Yacht Club and Edgartown Commons. Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard real estate in the downtown area tends to be more expensive than homes in other Edgartown neighborhoods, but they also are more lavish and luxurious. You can purchase four-bedroom houses for sale in Edgartown MA, covering over 2,000 square feet for less than $4 million. Nearly all homes for sale in Downtown Martha’s Vineyard are Cape Cod homes with classic and quaint features like sloped roofs.

Chappaquiddick | Spacious Homes Near Top Beaches and Green Spaces

Chappaquiddick is just off the coast of Edgartown, and you can travel to it using a ferry. Chappaquiddick is largely undeveloped but has unique beaches, hiking trails, gardens, and other top outdoor attractions. It also has a few homes for sale; the median price of homes for sale in Chappaquiddick is $1.25 million. You can find three-bedroom homes covering over 4,000 square feet for less than $5 million, including Gambrel-style homes with angled roofs.

Edgartown Weather and Climate

Edgartown, MA has a humid subtropical climate with humid and warm summers and freezing and snowy winters. July is the hottest month for Edgartown weather, with an average high of 77 degrees and an average temperature of 70 degrees. January is the coldest month for weather in Edgartown MA, with an average temperature of 33 degrees and an average low of 26.

Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard receives an average of 37.9 inches of rain and 11.3 inches of snow a year. Edgartown MA weather is consistently rainy throughout the year, and the summertime rain creates high humidity. 14.1 days in July are muggy or oppressive on average each year.

The town can experience a few different severe weather emergencies. Blizzards and nor’easters can occur during any winter, dropping over a foot of snow and creating high winds that can lead to power outages. Edgartown occasionally experiences hurricanes and tropical storms that can lead to flooding. View the Edgartown Massachusetts weather forecast and statements from officials like the Edgartown Harbormaster to see what will happen.

The best time for visiting or moving to Edgartown is June. June has an average temperature of 64 degrees, 52% clear, mostly clear, and partly cloudy days, and low humidity levels. You can enjoy summer attractions without the congestion that comes in July and August.

Things to Do in Edgartown

Ask Edgartown residents about what to do in Edgartown, and they’ll talk to you about Edgartown shopping. You can visit various locally run Edgartown stores like Edgartown Books, Suka Boutique, and Katama General Store. Most stores are located near other Edgartown attractions, so once you’re done shopping in Edgartown, you can visit the best outdoor attractions and kid-friendly destinations.

Edgartown Harbor Light

The Edgartown Harbor Light is the top Edgartown lighthouse maintained by the Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Vineyard Haven. You can climb the lighthouse and get incredible views of Edgartown beaches that are perfect for photographs.

121 North Water Street, Edgartown, MA, 02539, 508-627-4441

South Beach

South Beach is the southernmost Edgartown beach. It’s a free-barrier beach with surf on one side and a calm pond on the other, giving you plenty of options for water activities. It’s one of the best points of interest in Edgartown for body surfing, suntanning, and walking.

Edgartown, MA, 02539

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is the beach surrounding Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse. Even if you don’t visit the lighthouse, it’s worth visiting, as the beach offers scenic views of the Edgartown Outer Harbor and Chappaquiddick Island. The waters are very calm, making it a top destination for swimming and boating.

230 North Water Street, Edgartown, MA, 02539, 508-627-6145

Additional Edgartown Things to Do

The Parks Department of the Town of Edgartown manages Edgartown beaches, parks, and public spaces and plans special events. You can use the Edgartown events calendar to see when parties and other programs will take place.

Edgartown Restaurants

The Cape Cod area is well known for its seafood, which you can find plenty of in Edgartown restaurants. But you can try out various cuisines and ingredients in the best restaurants in Edgartown while enjoying family-friendly nights out.

Seafood Shanty Edgartown

Seafood Shanty is a casual and kid-friendly seafood restaurant offering dozens of different seafood dishes, including sushi, raw oysters, and fried clams. Seafood Shanty also serves unique mixed drinks like frozen cocktails, making it a cool place for adults.

31 Dock Street, Edgartown, MA, 02539, 508-627-8622

Atlantic Edgartown

Atlantic Edgartown is an upscale and classy steakhouse that also serves seafood. It’s one of the top restaurants in Edgartown for dates, in part because you can share tomahawk and ribeye steaks and other entrees with your partner.

2 Main Street, Edgartown, MA, 02539, 508-627-7001

Bettini Restaurant

Bettini Restaurant is another great restaurant for romantic nights out. It’s a classy Italian-inspired restaurant for adults with handmade pasta, roasted chicken, and seafood dishes. Bettini is also a top eatery for breakfast and brunch, serving fresh egg dishes and coffee.

3 Main Street, Edgartown, MA, 02539, 508-627-9966

Edgartown Jobs

Edgartown’s economy is largely geared toward tourists. Employment fluctuates from year to year, but employment in the summer is consistently higher than employment in the winter due to summertime tourists. In January 2017, Martha’s Vineyard reported an unemployment rate of 9.2%. In July 2017, Martha’s Vineyard reported an unemployment rate of just 2.6%. While many jobs in Edgartown are seasonal, they are high-paying. According to Payscale, the average salary for Edgartown jobs is $76,000 a year, while the average base hourly rate is $29.36.

64.7% of the population in Edgartown is in the labor force at some point during the year. Professional services, arts and entertainment, construction, and educational services are the four biggest industries in year-round Edgartown jobs. Major employers in Edgartown include Verizon, Vineyard Vines, and Quill. You can apply for jobs in Edgartown using Indeed and for Town of Edgartown jobs on the town government’s website, but read the job description carefully so you’re not applying for a seasonal job instead of a full-time job.

Edgartown Schools

Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools serves all students living in Edgartown. Edgartown has one school within its borders, the Edgartown School. The Edgartown School is an elementary and middle school with a student-teacher ratio of 9:1, giving your child ample attention from their teachers.

Edgartown School students can then attend classes at Martha’s Vineyard High School (MVRHS) in Oak Bluffs. MVRHS is well known for its career tech program with classes in automotive repair, maritime studies, and the culinary arts. 94% of MVRHS students test at or above the proficiency level in science, 34 percentage points higher than the state average. Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard does not have any private schools.

Martha’s Vineyard does not contain any colleges; the closest college is Cape Cod Community College (CCCC) in Barnstable MA. CCCC offers associate degrees and certificates as well as credits for four-year schools, letting you get a bachelor’s degree at an affordable cost.

The Edgartown Library is in downtown Edgartown. You can take out thousands of books and streaming movie, and attend various free and kid-friendly events.

Edgartown Statistics and Information

  • County: Dukes County
  • Edgartown area: 122.7 square miles
  • Edgartown zip code: 02539
  • Edgartown area code: 508 and 774
  • Edgartown elevation: 17 feet
  • Edgartown time zone: Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5)
  • Closest airport to Edgartown: Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY), 5.6 miles from Edgartown

Edgartown Map

You can use this Edgartown map to find the best restaurants, stores, and things to do in Edgartown.

Living in Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard is phenomenal! Everyone loves the great beaches and parks, but you can also enjoy lavish homes for sale and high-paying jobs. All you need to do is figure out moving to Edgartown.

Vanguard employs a team of 10 professional and efficient movers in Edgartown. Get a free estimate for moving to Edgartown Martha’s Vineyard by calling 508-790-9188.


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