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Cape Cod Local Movers

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Getting ready for your upcoming local move? When gearing up for any relocation under 100 miles in distance, enlisting the help of the best Cape Cod local moving company is a must. Preventing the most common stressors and frustrations is key when trying to achieve a hassle-free move.

Serving all of Cape Cod and the Islands including Barnstable, Plymouth, Nantucket, and Dukes counties, we’re here to provide an effortless local moving experience that doesn’t require you to lift a finger! Equipped with our top of the line trucks, packing supplies, and tools, we are specialists in creating an easy local relocation for all of our clients.

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Hiring Professional Cape Cod Local Movers - Top Reasons

The advantages of hiring local movers are extensive. From packing to transportation of your belongings, we can handle it all. Discover some of the most significant benefits of enlisting the help of short distance movers.

Prevent Injury

Any relocation can present a multitude of hazards to your personal safety. Some of the most common injuries include cuts, bruises, sprains, and broken bones. Unfortunately, some slips and falls can be so severe that they require a visit to the emergency room.

Eliminate all risk of injury by allowing our professional local moving company to tackle all of your to-dos. Our experienced team knows how to navigate the dangers of moving. We use expert lifting techniques, work with multiple team members for heavy lifting, and have protective gear to avoid cuts from sharp edges.

Save Time

Moving is one of the most time consuming tasks that you can take on. Organizing, packing, buying boxes and tape, and transporting your belongings from point A to point B is just a sample of the duties required. Instead of spending countless hours on a DIY move, outsource your tasks to our reliable professionals. Spend time on the things in life that matter most to you, while we take on all of the tedious work involved.

Reduce Stress

No one needs more stress in their life. However, for most people, the moving process can be an incredibly stressful and anxiety-provoking time. Often, this stress is a result of feeling like you don’t have the time or resources needed to complete your relocation to-do list on time.

By outsourcing to our Cape Cod local movers at Vanguard Moving Services, we can remove all of the most common stressors from the process. Sit back and relax as we take on the most taxing duties involved with relocating to a new home.

Here are even more reasons to hire professional local movers:

We also offer the following local moving services:

Cape Cod Local Moving Requires Specialized Equipment & Training

Successful local moves require sturdy and reliable equipment. Moving pads, secure straps, routinely inspected and maintained trucks, dollies, and furniture blankets are just some of the core equipment needed for the safety of your items. Instead of trying to locate, rent, or purchase all of these items yourself, we’ll come to your home with everything you need.

All of our local moves include the following: 

  • Properly maintained, secure trucks (fuel included)
    • Regularly inspected and cleaned
  • Standard equipment on every truck
    • Moving pads
    • Extra boxes
    • Dollies
    • Toolbox
    • Straps
    • Furniture blankets
    • Tape
  • 100% background checked staff
    • Up-to-date training
    • 10+ full-time crew members

Utilizing the above resources, we are able to quickly and efficiently perform local moves throughout Cape Cod. Rather than having to worry about procuring all of the equipment and labor yourself, you can enjoy the ease of having everything done for you.

How Much Does a Cape Cod Local Move Cost?

Budgeting for your move to Cape Cod includes knowing how much you’ll be paying for local moving services. Offering transparency and clear pricing, we make it easy to find out how much your desired services will cost.

Obtaining an exact figure can be done by requesting a custom quote from Vanguard Moving Services. In the meantime, you can explore some of the factors that are used to calculate your cost:
Our team works to be as straightforward as possible in communicating pricing to you. We’ll never tack on hidden fees or surprise expenses that were not discussed with you in advance. Having this added peace of mind is extremely valuable in creating a stress-free local moving experience.

How to Choose the Best Cape Cod Local Moving Company

Picking the best Cape Cod local moving company can be a surprisingly easy task. As you begin your research, there are important characteristics that you’ll want to look for in the business you ultimately choose.
Around all of Cape Cod and the Islands including Barnstable, Plymouth, Nantucket, and Dukes counties, we are devoted to providing an outstanding local moving experience. Book your services today by calling us at 508-790-9188.