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Cape Cod Moving Crate Rental

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At Vanguard Moving Services, we provide a hassle-free and environmentally friendly crate rental service for your moving and packing needs. When you choose our crate rental service, you benefit from several advantages, including faster packing times, effortless handling, and eco-friendliness.

Contact Vanguard Moving Services today to discover more about our crate rental service and how we can help make your move smoother, more efficient, and more eco-friendly

What Are Moving Crates?

Moving crates, also known as plastic moving boxes or reusable moving boxes, are durable containers that are designed to transport your belongings during a move. Unlike a traditional cardboard box, which is designed for single-use and vulnerable to damage, plastic crates are made of sturdy materials, making them reusable and environmentally friendly.

How Does Our Moving Crate Rental Service Work?

Using our reusable crates eliminates the need for disposable cardboard boxes, saving you time and effort in preparation for your move. Moreover, there is no waste to dispose of once your move is complete. We collect the crates, sanitize them, and reuse them for our next client. Thus, our crate rental service is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for your moving needs.

Our crates are user-friendly and can be easily stacked on dollies, making it convenient for you to move them around a room and load them up quickly. This packing method enables our staff and customers to pack efficiently, reducing the time and energy spent on the move. Moving items on wheels is much faster than carrying boxes to the truck.

We offer various rental options for our crates, allowing you to choose the duration that best suits your needs. Once you have finished unpacking, inform us, and we will come to retrieve the crates. We even provide packing and unpacking assistance, making your move stress-free.

Please note that our crate rental service is only available for local moves on Cape Cod, where the pick-up location is close to our warehouse in Hyannis.

Advantages of Vanguard's Reusable Crate Rental

There are several incredible benefits that you can enjoy when you rent moving boxes from Vanguard. Our plastic moving crates will make the entire relocation process simple and stress free. Gone are the days of grappling with cardboard boxes and contributing to unnecessary waste. With Vanguard, experience a move that’s faster, greener, and effortlessly managed.

Efficiency in Motion:

Our plastic moving crates come in two sizes and are designed for optimal stacking on dollies. This means you can swiftly navigate them around your space, facilitating speedy loading and unloading, no matter how many boxes you have. Our plastic moving boxes are also crush proof and dust resistant, ensuring your belongings are always safe and sound.

Time-Saving Packing:

Bid farewell to the complexities of assembling cardboard boxes. Vanguard’s reusable crates simplify your packing process, reducing time and effort. There is no need to tape boxes or waste money on other unnecessary moving supplies needed to complete box assembly. Renting plastic moving boxes will save you time and money.

Eco-Friendly Practices:

Opting for our rental crates translates to a significant reduction in cardboard waste. We collect, sanitize, and reuse the rental packages, minimizing the environmental impact associated with traditional moving practices. When you opt for our plastic moving boxes made of recycled plastic, you can rest assured that you are helping the environment by eliminating the waste of empty boxes, packing tape, and other packing materials.

Flexible Rental Options:

Vanguard understands that each move is unique. Choose from a variety of rental durations tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a service that accommodates your schedule. Whether you need a one week rental or require moving boxes for a few months, we are here for you.

Effortless Retrieval:

When you rent plastic moving boxes, you don’t need to worry about your rental crates sitting around for weeks after your move. We can pick up your plastic moving boxes at any time. Once you’ve completed your move, simply inform us, and we’ll take care of the moving box retrieval. Enjoy the convenience of a service that doesn’t just stop at drop-off but sees through the entire process

Additional Assistance:

Vanguard Moving Services goes beyond the rental of plastic boxes. Utilize our optional packing and unpacking assistance to transform your move into a stress-free experience. We can also provide you with moving supplies like tape, packing labels, and more. We are here to provide you with an easy moving process from start to finish

Service Limitations:

Our rental crates are exclusively available for local moves within Cape Cod. We prioritize efficiency, and to achieve this, we limit the service radius to areas close to our warehouse in Hyannis.

Rental Crates FAQ

How Many Rental Crates Will I Need for My Move?

Our Cape Cod moving crate rental specialists will work with you to determine the correct amount of boxes for your project. If you need more boxes, we will be happy to deliver them to you.

How Quickly Can I Have Rental Crates Delivered to My Home or Office?

Your rental crates will be delivered to you as soon as possible. If you are working on a tight deadline, feel free to let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Plastic Moving Box?

When you rent moving supplies such as plastic boxes, you will save time, money, and the environment. Plastic moving boxes are wonderful for stacking on a dolly or Uhaul, as they will not bend or break like cardboard boxes might.

What Areas Do You Currently Service?

Our rental crates are exclusively available for local moves within Cape Cod.

What Do I Do When I Am Done With the Boxes?

When you are done using your boxes, simply let us know and we will arrange a pickup time. Our full service moving team will come directly to your door and carry the packages to our truck.

Connect With Vanguard for a Free Moving Crate Rental Quote

Ready to elevate your moving experience? Contact Vanguard Moving Services today by calling 508-790-9188 to delve deeper into the benefits of our crate rental service. Discover how we can make your move smoother, more efficient, and environmentally conscious – the Vanguard Way.