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Senior Relocation Services in Cape Cod With Vanguard Moving Services

As experienced Cape Cod senior movers, we understand that the elderly need special needs. While we’re sure you can certainly carry your own on the golf course, shuffleboard, or pickleball court, that’s not to say you should be handling a strenuous relocation by your lonesome. Relocating is tough regardless of age, but you’ve spent your entire life dealing with the tough tasks life throws at you; now it’s your time to sit back and relax. 

Vanguard Moving Services is a top-rated Cape Cod senior moving company that can handle any moves for seniors. We service Cape Cod and the Islands, including Barnstable, Plymouth, Nantucket, and Dukes counties. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews and provide all the Cape Cod senior moving services necessary for a quick, easy transition to your new residence. 

While you may not feel like a senior just yet, the terms “senior”, “elderly persons”, “senior citizen”, or “elder” are categorizations based on age; different entities consider people seniors at different ages. According to Mcdonald’s (and most food chains), you’re a senior at 55. However, the US doesn’t allow a person to collect social security until the age of 62. A senior citizen depends on the source, but generally speaking, anyone over middle-aged is considered an older adult or senior.

Why are Seniors Using Cape Cod Senior Moving Companies?

The elderly move for various reasons, whether to relocate closer to family, for health purposes or to downsize once all their birds have left the nest.

Other reasons seniors seek Cape Cod moving specialists:
It’s not uncommon for older people to reach out to movers to help transition them to smaller residences in specific communities. These communities offer independent living with a tight-knit community while providing convenient assistance like lawn care or housekeeping.

Other places elderly people relocate to:

Considerations for Using Cape Cod Senior Movers

Regardless of age, relocating can be time-consuming, expensive, strenuous, and everything in between. Seniors often seek support from their friends and family during a DIY relocation, which can cause unwanted tension and issues. While we’re sure your loved ones are pleased to devote their time and money to help get you somewhere, you’re more comfortable or excited to live; there’s no need to burden your family when there are specialists that can handle every aspect of your transition. 

Here are a few factors that make Cape Cod senior moves especially difficult and time-consuming:

Leaving home after an extended period

Seniors often relocate to a new address after residing somewhere for years! Packing, loading, and transporting items that have been in a home for 30 or 40 years takes some serious manpower.


Most seniors relocate to a smaller home, apartment, or assisted living facility, meaning much of the relocation process is going through old items and finding storage facilities to house these goods. These transitions take an experienced company to keep everything tidy, organized, and safe. When dealing with tons of tiny items, knick-knacks, photo albums, or other sentimental goods, things can get easily lost or misplaced.

Health issues

Many seniors must relocate due to health issues, meaning they can’t handle a strenuous move alone. Health issues are a common challenge seniors seeking Cape Cod senior moving help face, so finding a trustworthy senior moving company is crucial.

Limited family members or helpers

Some seniors don’t live near family, don’t have any family to help them relocate, or don’t have enough friends to help with their transition. This is why many seniors seek assistance.

Top Reasons to Hire a Cape Cod Area Senior Relocation Company

Seniors hire help for numerous reasons, but the obvious ones are that they:
Experienced professionals understand that the elderly need special services and help. Cape Cod senior move help can provide storage, declutter and organize possessions, offer downsizing assistance, donate or remove unwanted items, pack and unpack, and disassemble and reassemble furniture.

Many companies will work with professional senior move managers who are typically licensed through the national association of senior move managers. If you’re a senior relocating, your chosen company can work with your licensed senior moving manager to ensure the process is comfortable.

Senior move managers take care of the tedious tasks like mundane planning, organizing, and decluttering – and they can even formulate a floor plan of where the movers should place the items in your home.

Cost of Hiring a Cape Cod Senior Moving Company

No two senior moves will cost the same as each relocation will have different Cape Cod senior relocation services, which all cost differently. The only way to get an accurate senior moving estimate is by contacting a reliable Cape Cod senior moving company to come out to your home, survey your property, and discuss your relocation parameters or any other services you may need or way.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Factors moving companies consider when formulating a quote:
What to expect from your full-service Cape Cod senior moving company:
If you’ve never used a full-service moving company, here’s what you can expect your movers to do upon hire.

Choosing the Best Cape Cod Senior Mover

Finding a reliable team may require some research, as finding a professional and dedicated team isn’t the easiest task.

Before committing to a team, ensure the company has the following attributes:
Vanguard Moving is a family-owned company with over 20 years of experience serving Cape Cod and the Islands, including Barnstable, Plymouth, Nantucket, and Dukes counties. We have full-time employees ready to assist you; all our employees are 100% background-checked and trusted, and we have an A+ BBB rating.
If you’re ready for a fresh start in a new and exciting city, we provide the best moving help for senior citizens in the Cape Cod area. Our well-trained team members will ensure your transition is easy and stress-free. Call us today at 508-790-9188 for a free estimate.